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ACH & Wire Payments

Any invoice issued by and payable directly to "Ocean Network Express PTE LTD. c/o Ocean Network Express (North America) Inc".
Ex: Ocean Freight, Detention, Export Demurrage, TPB/ Third Party Billing

To use the EFT/ACH and wire transfer process to send your payments to our bank account, this will take 24-48 hours from receipt to apply and process. To ensure prompt and accurate application of funds, please send payment details (B/L Numbers, Invoice Number, individual amounts) to: [email protected]

For USD Wire Payments:

For US Payments : For Canada Payments :
ABA # 021001088 SWIFT Code: HKBCCATT
Account# 000274666 Account# 002-843390-070
SWIFT Code: MRMDUS33 HSBC Bank Canada
HSBC BANK USA NA 16 York Street, Unit 136
452 Fifth Ave Toronto, Ontario M5J 0E6
New York, NY 10018  
  USD Correspondent Bank
  Citibank NA

For USD ACH Payments:

For US Payments :

For Canada Payments:

ABA # 022000020 (Only for domestic transfers in Canada)
Account# 000274666 Institution Number : 016
SWIFT Code: MRMDUS33 Transit Number: 10002
HSBC BANK USA NA Account # 843390-070
452 Fifth Ave SWIFT Code: HKBCCATT
New York, NY 10018 HSBC Bank Canada
  16 York Street, Unit 136
  Citibank NA
  Toronto, Ontario M5J 0E6


For Canadian customers paying in CAD, click here for details.

Remittances for ACH/Wire payments:

For US & Canada
Please email remittance details to:
[email protected]
EMAIL should include the following:
Subject Section
1.) Sending companies’ name
2.) Total amount & date of the ACH/Wire payment
Body of the message
1.) Invoice Numbers & the amounts paid on each invoice
2.) Total amount of the ACH/Wire payment