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ACH & Wire Payments - CAD

Any invoice issued by and payable directly to "Ocean Network Express PTE LTD. c/o Ocean Network Express (North America) Inc".
Ex: Ocean Freight, Detention, Export Demurrage, TPB/ Third Party Billing

To use the EFT/ACH and wire transfer process to send your payments to our bank account, this will take 24-48 hours from receipt to apply and process. To ensure prompt and accurate application of funds, please send payment details (B/L Numbers, Invoice Number, individual amounts) to: [email protected]

For CAD Wire Payments:

For Canada CAD Payments :
Account# 002-843390-001
HSBC Bank Canada
16 York Street, Unit 136
Toronto, Ontario M5J 0E6

For CAD ACH Payments:

For Canada CAD Payments:

Institution Number: 016
Transit Number: 10002
Account # 843390-001
HSBC Bank Canada
16 York Street, Unit 136
Citibank NA
Toronto, Ontario M5J 0E6


For customers paying in USD, click here for details.

Remittances for ACH/Wire payments:

For US & Canada
Please email remittance details to:
[email protected]
EMAIL should include the following:
Subject Section
1.) Sending companies’ name
2.) Total amount & date of the ACH/Wire payment
Body of the message
1.) Invoice Numbers & the amounts paid on each invoice
2.) Total amount of the ACH/Wire payment