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Incident Notification/Preliminary Notice/Letters of Intent to Claim for Cargo Discharged in the US or Canada:

  • Upon determining that cargo loss or damage has occurred, the cargo interest must immediately notify their insurance carrier and ONE NA.
  • A Notice of loss or damage and the general nature of such loss or damage must be given in writing to ONE NA or its agent, at the port of discharge or place of delivery before or at the time of delivery of Goods, or if the loss or damage is not apparent, within 3 days after delivery. The Notice can be sent via email to [email protected] or mailed to Ocean Network Express (North America) Inc., 8730 Stony Point Parkway, Suite 400, Richmond, Virginia 23235, Attention: Claims Department. The Notice should include the vessel and voyage, bill of lading number, container number(s), detailed description of the loss or damage, and the estimated amount of loss or damage, if available, and current location of the cargo (business name, contact name, telephone number, full street address of the cargo).
  • For concealed damage noticed upon opening the container, unloading of the container should cease immediately upon discovery of cargo loss or damage to determine if a survey is required.
  • The survey ordered by and on behalf of ONE is strictly for ONE’s internal use only. The survey will not be shared. The cargo interest and/or their insurance should appoint an independent surveyor on their own behalf.

Formal/Final Claims and Documents:

  • Final Claims must be filed in English or translated into English. Claims can be presented to ONE NA by email at [email protected] or mail to Ocean Network Express (North America) Inc., 8730 Stony Point Parkway, Suite 400, Richmond, VA 23235, Attention: Claims Department.
  • If the Final Claim has not been acknowledged within five (5) business days, contact the ONE NA Claims Department at [email protected] or call (804) 256-3575. Please attach all Claim documents, including with colored photos.

The following documents must be submitted to ONE NA before a Claim will receive consideration:

  •  A formal detailed statement of the Claim company’s letterhead, including vessel, voyage, bill of lading number, container number, Claim amount (itemized calculation or breakdown of the costs), and a description of the loss/damage.
  • Copy of the ONE Bill of Lading or Sea Waybill.
  • Commercial invoice & packing list from the origin country.
  • Claimant's survey report, with photos (if applicable).
  • Delivery Receipt noting seal number and exceptions.
  • Receiving report or Tally Sheet notating exceptions and type of loss/damage. The Tally should indicate the container, seal number, and loss or damage cargo by package number, style, and size, in cases of mixed shipments.
  • Photos should be taken of damaged cargo and the container if no survey is arranged due to the estimated value of the loss. ONE NA may request a survey at its sole discretion.
  • Certificate of destruction for unsalvageable cargo. This can include a receipt from a refuse company, dumping or landfill facility, describing the cargo being destroyed or dumped, or certification on company letterhead by an executive officer of destruction or dumping of the cargo.
  • Evidence of salvage. Any salvage proceeds realized should be deducted from the gross Claim amount.
  • Packing certificate or evidence of container stuffing for shortage claims, such as photos.
  • Evidence of the condition of the container prior to loading.
  • House Bill of Lading, if applicable.
  • Quality Inspections and laboratory results.

Refrigerated Cargo:

     In addition to the above-required documents also provide:

  • Refrigerated temperature records (i.e. Portable Recorder).
  • Produce harvest date(s) – if applicable.
  • Container stuffing and devanning date(s).
  • Shipping instructions to the ONE.

Note: It is the responsibility of the cargo interest to take all necessary steps to mitigate any and all cargo loss, which may include segregation of damaged cargo, reconditioning, repackaging or salvage.

The Terms and Conditions of the ONE Bill of Lading can be found at

Acknowledgment of preliminary and formal Claims is not an admission of liability and is made without prejudice to any defenses available to ONE under the contract of carriage and applicable law, none of which is waived.

Ocean Network Express (North America) Inc.

Claims Department

Email: [email protected]