Expedited Rail Service (ERS)

This service is applicable only to cargo discharged at Canadian Ports moving to an inland destination by rail. The service allows expediting the loading of your container to rail and helps to avoid containers from being buried at the port terminal while waiting to be loaded to rail.    

Please note the following requests and guidelines that must be met in order for ONE to proceed with the Canada Expedited Rails Service (ERS) request.

Containers will load onto the first planned rail loading after the vessel is completely discharged and is subject to rail car availability.  

ERS is an expedited loading plan to move ERS approved containers to the rail only, and does not expedite the transit of container(s).
1. You must accept the associated fees at time of request form submission.
Associated fees for the request of this service are as follows: 

  • Centerm - Cargo destination Montreal and Toronto only, $450.00 USD per container and $125 USD Admin Fee per BL
  • Deltaport - $255.00 USD per container and $125 USD Admin Fee per BL
  • Halifax - $225.00 USD per container and $125 USD Admin Fee per BL
  • Prince Rupert - $330.00 USD per container and $125 USD Admin Fee per BL

2. ERS fee will be invoiced 24 to 48 hours after ERS approval.  All third-party charges must be paid prior to release of shipment at the final rail ramp.
3. Please note that once shipment is ERS approved, cancelation is no longer an option. Customers will be billed according to the agreement made at the time of application.
4. Customs must be cleared prior to vessel arrival if clearing at port in order to allow for timely loading of the ERS approved containers. If running on I.T to the US, or in-bond in Canada no need to clear customs ahead.  
5. If container(s) approved for Canada ERS is flagged for examination by Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) upon arrival and/or at time of discharge, the ERS request will no longer be valid and the ERS fee invoice will be cancelled.

6. Your request must be submitted 48 to 72 business hours prior to vessel estimated arrival at the Canada Port of Discharge.

7. Live Reefers are excluded from ERS requests.