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We are pleased to provide our registered eCommerce WEB users access to our North America Network Map.

The North America Network Map is designed to allow you to follow important updates pertaining to your shipments along the North America Network. From vessel arrival to destination delivery, this tool shows current dwell times across metro areas alongside critical alerts such as chassis supply and impactful weather. Find this tool under our Services drop-down menu on both the US & Canada sites. 

Registered eCommerce WEB Accounts*

North America Network Map

Subject Updates
- Network Operations Alerts
- Vessel Schedule
- Rail Departure Dwell (Imports at Port)
- Imports at Destination Awaiting to Deramp (Rail Import)
- Awaiting Pickup Days (Imports at Ports & Ramps)
- Carrier Services Truck Availability
- Chassis Availability Ramp
- ONE Facility List (Port Terminals, Depots & Ramps) 

User Guide

*Please note that this will not be available for registered SPP accounts. Truckers will also not be permitted to register as an eCommerce WEB user.