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My Address Book

Global trade slows for no one. At OCEAN NETWORK EXPRESS, we are constantly streamlining our online booking process to enhance customer experience and increase efficiency to support your growing business.

Having an existing eCommerce account and contract with ONE means your key booking information can now be saved and automatically populated in the 'Booking Request' form to reduce manual data entry effort.

Introducing upgraded features in ONE’s eCommerce portal, designed to speed up your booking process, empowering you to focus on your business priorities.

ONE ADDRESS BOOK saves information such as your Company Name and other details you have used in previous shipments. Recurring manual data entry for each booking request is eliminated.

MANDATORY FIELDS such as your contract number, origin and destination, container and commodity type and more, ensure that your booking request is accurately filled up, to accelerate your booking confirmation process!


My Address Book

This page allows an eCommerce User to maintain Shipper, Forwarder and Consignee Customer details.  Adding Customers to the My Address Book allows an eCommerce User to quickly search and validate Customer detail when requesting a new booking in the Booking Request page.


To Add Customer to My Address Book


  1. Type in the Country of the Shipper, Forwarder, or Consignee
  2. Click on [Search ONE Address Book].  ONE Address Book will only provide Company Name and details for Customers you have used in past shipments
  3. Select all or individual Company
  4. Click [Add to My Address Book]
  5. Click [Confirm] to add selected Company to My Address Book


To Delete Customer from My Address Book


  1. Click [Search My Address Book]
  2. Select the Company(s) that you wish to delete
  3. Click [Delete]
  4. Click [Confirm]


Booking Request Changes 

When making your booking selections, please note the new highlights:

  1. Green Check Mark - Validated company and address of Company name and address has been validated using the address book feature and has been associated to a previously completed booking associated to User ID booking. 
  2. Yellow X - Validation required using address book or Company name and address requires the validation process using the address book feature.
  3. Black - No data or manually confirmed o No information has been provided or input details is a new Company name and address that has not been associated to a previous booking. 
  4. Address Book – Easily search and save Shipper, Forwarder, and Consignee details. 
    1.  If you don't find the address available after search, click accept manual entry to continue through the booking request.
  5. You may now notice your Service Contract will appear pink. Booking with information highlighted in pink will ensure faster processing times. In addition to the Service Contract, the following fields must appear pink to ensure a quicker booking process.
    1.  Vessel Route
    2.  Container Size & Type
    3.  Commodity 

*You CAN still submit and receive a booking if selections are not highlighted in pink. 


Booking Template Change

If you have existing booking templates, we highly recommend users validate your templates before completing any bookings. This will save you a tremendous amount of time moving forward.  By validating your templates, you will not have to revalidate on the Booking Request page.

  1. Green Check Mark -  indicates template is validated
  2. Yellow X - indicates the template is not verified. 


Booking Status Change

After submitting bookings you will be brought to the Booking Status page. A summary of your submitted bookings. You will also notice two new features that will give you greater visibility to your teams bookings. 

e-Booking Party

  1. All– All eCommerce User ID associated to the Company Name and Address
  2. User ID – individual eCommerce User IDs associated to the Company Name and Address

Need help with the enhancement? No problem, schedule a WebEx or In-person training HERE or contact ONE North America eCommerce Customer Service at 1.844.413.6029, Option 3.